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Mega Flares

The new Mega Flare™ LED Safety Light Beacon is an essential piece of equipment for police, fire-fighters, EMTs, rescue first responders and members of emergency response teams.

Don’t you think it would make sense to carry at least one with you on your bike or car in case of an emergency?


This compact light emits 360° of ultra-bright light from an array of 16 LEDs, visible for up to 12 Km away. It is waterproof and so tough, you can run it over with a tank!

Unlike flashlights with alkaline batteries or chemical light sticks, the Mega Flare Safety light units can handle extreme temperatures and extreme situations (intrinsically safe), and feature an impressive 10 year storage/shelf life, using lithium batteries that wont ever leak. This same technology used by first responders and the military is now available to anyone. Small enough to keep in a saddle bag, tank bag, or even those small under seat storage spaces that most bikes have.

The Super-Bright Mega Flare  beacon light is ideal for breakdown & emergency roadside situations. It has 10 different flash patterns. Can withstand demanding road conditions and has no external switches or moving parts.

The New Mega Flare -LED Safety Light - 6 Pack


9 user-selectable flash patterns full 360 degree vision contains a strong magnet for placement on vehicle the 6 pack case has a built-in charger compact and visible up to 12km away in the dark practically indestructible, a truck can drive over it completely waterproof and it also floats on water rechargeable...

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